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Kayra KR
Working Area 150 × 300 ~ 210 × 300 cm
SR10i 100w
SR15i 150w
SR25i 250w

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Working Area 150 × 300 ~ 210 × 300 cm
130w - 150w Co2 Laser Tube
SR15i 150w
SR25i 250w


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Perfect Optical Design

Almira has brought the optical design of the Kayra series to perfection with more than 14 years of technology experience and qualified optical engineers.

The power obtained from the laser unit is carried to the head with Singapore collimator and high reflective mirrors so that the laser beam focuses very finely.


Intelligent Laser Cutting Head

Thanks to the automatic positioning feature, it approaches the material during cutting, and the cutting head rises up against the bumps that may occur when it is not cutting.

Also, the closed circuit is not affected by dust and smoke. Various lens and cap change takes seconds depending on the material to be processed and its thickness.

Latest Technology Laser Unit

We use LUXINAR (Rofin-Sinar) laser units manufactured in England, which is the pioneer in the world, with more than 20 years CO2 laser unit production experience.

Thanks to the very high peak power, which offers power from 100 watts to 1000 watts, cuts occur in a cleaner and shorter time.


You're always in control

AlmiraLabs Procut software serves you full performance during operation.
All necessary equipment for the operator is available in AlmiraLabs Procut.
Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you can see the flow termination times through the software and make your planning accordingly.



Material Fixing

The material is fixed with a pneumatic system on both sides in order to prevent the material from fluctuating as a result of fluctuations in thin and hard materials and possible impacts during cutting.

In addition, with the new vacuum chamber design, the material is vacuumed straight into the table. This feature, which has a design registration certificate and patent, is unique in our country.

Fast, Sensitive and Quiet

With its helical ground rack system used for mechanical drive, Kayra works very quietly than its competitors.

Thanks to the high precision helical gearboxes, very high torque is obtained and the acceleration rate of the system during the stops and take-offs is considerably increased.


CNC Machined Heavy Steel Body

A small deviation in the mounting surface causes serious distortion in the cut and damage to the motor and rails.

All products of Kayra series are processed perfectly with sensitive, heavy industry CNCs. A perfect motion surface is obtained. Thus, it forms the basis of quality cutting.

Onboard Memory

With 256 MB of space provided by the built-in memory control panel, you can keep your work files for a long time and process the same work over and over without any need for software.

In this way, you can save time and operation by minimizing long processes.


Micro Sensitivity, High Torque

Servo motors are the most used motor types in robot technologies, but they are optimized in terms of the weight and design of the entire system.

Servo motors producing high torque and reaching micro sensitivity are used in the Kayra series.

Parameter Library

The cutting details vary according to the thickness, density and structure of many materials. You need to enter variable data repeatedly for each transaction.

You don't have to get lost in all this mess. With the AlmiraLabs Procut parameter library, you can keep your records and upload them at any time.


Ultra Fast Communication

Different connection elements can be used depending on the situation of your working environment. You can connect to Kayra series machines in four different ways. You can enjoy all this variety with an Ethernet cable, usb cable, usb flash disk or wi-fi.


Easy Payment Options

Training and installation service to all our machine sales free also with iyzico installment option for all bank credit cards.
Advance or term; For cash, check or credit card purchases, please contact us to learn the payment terms.

Also Leasing, bank loans, Grenke etc. We have sales of machines in accordance with the agreements made by our customers with supporting institutions such as. ISO Chamber of Industry domestic goods and Kosgeb supported machinery sales.


On-site Installation and Training

On-Site Installation and Training On-site technical service is provided for each machine you will purchase. During the warranty period, our technical team will be as close as a phone call to you.



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